Wedding Makeup

wedding makeup

Getting Ready For The Big Day? Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Get A Perfect Look For Your Wedding Makeup

One thing to always remember is that "less is better". It's true, even on that special day. You want to look like you, and not someone that your guests won't recognize.

The photographs are everlasting, so think twice before adding makeup that is too heavy for your face.
You don't want to look washed out either. If you somewhat know how you want your wedding makeup to look, collect similar pictures from a wedding or glamour magazine and bring them to your makeup artist so that they get an idea of what you want. Get inspiration in my portfolio.

If you are hiring a makeup artist or doing your own wedding makeup, here are a few tips to help you.

Wedding Makeup Tips

The face:

First use a foundation primer which will hold the foundation on longer. Next, the foundation should look natural. Medium to full coverage is great too, but no "mineral powder" to set the liquid.
Minerals are fine for a soft everyday coverage, but over foundation it can get a bit too glowy on some women. It can even look a bit cakey and settle into the pores on oily skins.

On dry skins, it can settle into the fine lines and may even make this skin type look a bit drier.
It also can look very shiny on camera, so it's better to use liquid for most special occasions and then set it with a translucent or transparent powder. This way the translucent powder won't oxidize or change the color of the foundation and won't look like you are wearing a heavy powder.

The eyes:

A soft shadow color in the crease and pop the lid with a shell or soft gold color looks flawless. Then do a smokey corner color for more drama. It also depends on the individual and the shape of their eyes. This is where the trial makeup is important.

We also like to use a black cake liner on the eye lid to give that "tattooed" look to the lash line. It gives a nice clean "pop" to the eye and it enhances the lashes. Photographers love it on camera too. It make the eyes look bigger and brighter. Most cake liners won't run like a pencil would.

Try using a waterproof mascara only for brides and mothers of the brides in case there are any heartfelt tears.

The cheeks:

A soft rosey color on the apple of the cheeks only. No contouring unless it's being filmed for reality television or soap operas.

The lips:

NO heavy lip liner. First use a special lip balm and then lip pencil to prevent bleeding of the lipstick. Try and use a natural or mauve lip liner color. This works best for most women.

The color of the lipstick is a personal choice, but we would avoid a vampy dark color for sure.

If you're wearing a smokey eye, try and wear a softer lip. If you're wearing a pale eye with a stark black liner, a red or wine color lip is always great. Especially if you're going for a 1940′s or 50′s vintage theme wedding.

Good luck with your wedding makeup and remember "Less is better".